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Our team

The team recovering its price inspiration rookie of the year, in Montreal.
The entire team recovering its price’rookie inspiration 2014, in Montreal. Credit: Fusion Jeunesse

The idea to create our robotics team FIRST follows a conference on Robotics given by M. François Michaud, Chair of the Canada mobile robotics and autonomous intelligent systems research and member of the Board of Directors of FIRST Quebec. His passion for robotics and the FIRST project so inspired us that we wanted to embark on the adventure. The team is composed of 18 students from the 2nd to the 5th secondary and 9 from the middle school and community mentors.

The Cárnicas team has been founded in September 2013 by three passionate Robotics teachers wishing to convey their interest in science and technology to their students. Our team is hosted in high school the hive of Magog in Quebec, in the Canada. Our pupils study all at La Ruche in different programs. We will participate, in March 2014, to our first tournament FIRST in Montreal.


Meet the team 2016-2017!

img_1943Antoine Leroux


Antoine Duquette


Arianne Venne

img_1937Amelia Lee

img_1934 Zechariah Pomerleau

img_1930Aurore Fremont

img_1932Alice Leroux

img_1929Jacques Lapointe

img_1942Joey Marcotte

Meet the team 2013-2014!


Zachary Pomerleau, secondary 5, 16 years

Role : mechanics of the robot (pilot)

This is my second year on the team. I love the fact that we are a team and not be every man for himself. The work moves faster when we copere

Antoine Dugas


Age: 16 years group: Mechanical sec.5

I love video games, robots and team sport. I came here for personal experiences and to work on an interesting project.



Philippe Boulanger

Age: 17 years group: Programming ceg.1

I want to learn to program and familiarizing myself with the Robotics. In the life, I love computers, technology and team sports. Wholesale, I'm a small sports geek.

Benoît Bourgeois


Age: 17 years group: Marketing Ceg.1

I've always liked being involved in several projects. When I heard about the robotics team I immediately wanted to be part of this project. Marketing interests me, because I like to communicate with people.


Samuel Caillé-Demers


Age: 16 years group: Construction (mechanics) sec.5

I like video games and music. Later, I would like to be an engineer so creating robots. The project could bring me experiences that will help me in the future. Here the people are very friendly and running bots is very fun.


Emmanuel Chevalier


Age: 17 years group: Construction (mechanical and electrical) sec.5

I've always liked to build business. I am someone very clever with my hands and I understand better when it is a Visual project and requires handling.


Gael Chevalier


Age: 15 years group: Construction (mechanics) sec.4

I love video games, computer science and mechanics. I joined the project since I have an interest in robots, also to improve myself in mechanics and electricity.



André Dasté

Age: 18 years group: Marketing ceg.1

I love computer (and all technological gadgets), reading, skiing, administration and travel. I decided to join this project because I love see and work with new technologies, I also like to participate in team work. I want to go study in Administration, It is for this reason that I chose Marketing.

Renaud Ducharme

Age: 17 years group: Graphics & Construction ceg.1

I joined the project because I love mechanics and later I would like to do a job in connection with science. I think that this could bring me new knowledge and enable me to travel. My interests are bio and the arts.

Natanaël Gagnon


Age: 17 years group: Programming sec.5

I love computer, Science, Mathematics, video games, justice and astronomy. I've been wanting to participate in this project because I also like programming and I am someone of competitive, This project gathers much my interests. The atmosphere here is very warm.


Yanick Gosselin


Age: 16 years group: Construction (electric) sec.5

I love video games, sizes-nature and electricity. I wanted to join the project to gain experience as personal as for my future work. It is for this reason that I have reach the electrical installation of the project part !

Sarah-Lou Niggebrugge


Age: 16 years group: Construction (mechanics) sec.4

I like the manual work, team sports, art and I am creative. I decided to join the project because I love to learn and work with different materials. I love the competition and teamwork.


Gavin Fremont


Age: 15 years group: Construction (electric) sec.5

I love the sport and challenges . First is one defies my height is why I agree with the team more electricity is something that fascinates me it is another reason for my integration.

Arthur of aragon

IMG_0840Age: 14 years group: Marketing sec.3

I discovered the Robotics in sec. 1 and since, It is a passion. Even if I am specialized in nothing, I help at all and as I can. And even if I don't become a robotics engineer, my FIRST crossing has been rewarding.

Gabriel Robitaille

IMG_0843Age: 15 years group:Marketing sec.4

I decided to come at FIRST because I wanted to learn more what was the mechanics and technology.

Antoine Leroux

IMG_0841Age: 14 years group: sec.3

Jacques Lapointe

Age: undefined group: Mentor(Main coach of the team) teaching pyae

I got interested in robotics FIRST following a presentation made to the school of Pyae by François Matos of the Université de Sherbrooke. This project took a lot working at the level of the mentors and students, especially since this was our first year.

Jacob Dugas

Age: 14 years group: Mechanical sec.3