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We have soaps for sale !!!

Here are some pictures for you.


dsc_0986dsc_0972looking before and after we cast them












We can sell them for Christmas, they will be 10$ and they will be with bath bombs





It's next Tuesday, the 17 February, that we must seal and send our robot at First.

It is at this point that we will have the opportunity to keep 30 lbs of parts to continue working, in the meantime our second competition in Montreal, held the 19-20-21 March 2015 !

Thanks for all your support
P.s. Here are photos of our six weeks up to date!
IMG_0906 IMG_0907
IMG_0905 IMG_0895

Our team Cárnicas 4952 was this Saturday 18 October at the 40th of the Beehive school.

We have installed our "pit" at the end of the corridor and we were ready to receive visitors. Early evening, We explained many aspects of the project while presenting the robot to several interested parties.

Later in the evening, our robot was also entitled to an appearance on stage. He had the mission to launch a basketball ball Golden Sylvain Goyette. This prize was awarded to have been present during the 40 age of school; first as a student and then as a supervisor. After having waited because of the stretch of the schedule, robot finally got the green light to exit slides and complete its mission. It can be considered a success.

First in the 40th from the hive from High School of the hive on Vimeo.

Our team FIRST hosted, Thursday the 9 October, of elementary students from different schools in the region for a presentation of the project as well as the robot.

The meeting, Welcoming students of the backpack, St.-Jean-Bosco as well as students of Val-de-Grâce (videoconference), has started with a workshop on the NXT programming at the end of morning. To proceed with a presentation of the FIRST project conference, last year, as well as the robot challenge. This of course included a meeting of pilotage. Few have had the chance to try our machine. Our team has also seen at work because a battery change was necessary.

Anecdote: the end of the presentation was marked by the fire alarm…

Here is the presentation to students.


A big thanks to Éric Jr Grondin to the making of the video.

At the gala ceremony last Thursday(29 June) at the high school of la Hive, the robotics team First :Cárnicas 4952 received a special mention for their dedication, their radiation and their involvement at the gala awards 2014.

gala deserves

Bravo to the entire team!

New section resources…

It contains our business plan, our marketing kit and the our well plan When the Montreal Robotics Festival.

Equipe Carnicas 2014

Credit: Fusion Jeunesse