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Equipe Carnicas 2014

Credit: Fusion Jeunesse

More than two weeks passed since our first competition FIRST who was in Montreal. Since the pane “construction” is rather finished for the moment, We slowed down deliberately a bit the pace of work so we can all rest! Corn.. This does not mean that one turns thumbs, No!

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Hello to you all !

As you probably know, We participated with joy in the robotics competition in Montreal the 20, 21 and 22 March for our first time! So here is a small summary regarding this superb timing!

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It's next Tuesday, the 18 February, that we must seal and send our robot at First.

It is at this point that we will have the opportunity to keep 45 lbs of parts to continue working, in the meantime our first competition in Montreal, held the 20-21-22 March 2014 !

Further to our last evening of demonstration, the media were writing articles about us, whose The reflection of the Lake and The press.

Thanks again for all your support !
P.s. More photos will be soon available.

Our fifth week of construction ends and we finally have a beautiful functional robot !

As expected, the evening's demonstration took place yesterday, the 5 February 2014 at our usual local. Au rendez-vous: many of our generous sponsors and our fabulous parents. Planning: Large discussions throughout the evening, presentation of the team, the competition FIRST and demonstration of our robot.

Despite this very pleasant evening, which allowed us to catch our breath a little before the last week of “rush”.. It is time to return to work because we still have much to do to put the eyes once in Montreal !

Time passes so fast !

P.s. A more comprehensive summary will soon be online with, Maybe, a video of our robot !

The fourth week draws to a close and we take advantage of these minutes of respites to inform you of our advanced !

Indeed, the well advance team crawler encounters more and more to complete as soon as possible, to be able to refined. But the main topic of this fourth week remains our evening of demonstration taking place next week. Fifty people invited will come to learn more about our project which hold us dear !

In addition to this great evening, the air of our robot works wonders and our programmers have managed to make it work ! Our prototypes are finally taking form size-nature and can be tested.

P.s. Have no fear, a summary will be posted on the site shortly after the evening for any absentees !

We are almost halfway through the competition and we would like to thank all those who helped us so far:

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Hello everyone,

The end of the third week arrives at big step so that our ideas began to realize. Indeed, the basis of our robot is now built and operational. Our prototypes are also almost all loans and we note their advantages/disadvantages.

We receive our material and hope to receive soon all our sponsors during a small launch party. More info to come !

This is what made our little weekly article.

Thanks again for all your support !

P.s. Some pictures will make their appearances during the week in the section «»Gallery».


Now that the first week is over, We have a little clearer ideas !

The entire team meets more often, week as weekend, morning as evening. Without revealing our strategy, Please be aware that we now have a more specific plan in our head and on paper. The basis of our robot was built and our demo-lego is in full construction.

After many debates, We have therefore chosen the primary functions that the robot must absolutely complete as well as those that the robot will be able to do in bonus if we have time. Our teams end therefore to investigate the various possibilities to show us which will be most feasible.

So we meet again in a week for an update, surprise bonus, We expect put you a few more images from here there.

Thank you all for your support !


Saturday 4 January 2014, the team participated in the event long awaited the launch of the competition 2014.

It is at this point that we was presented for the first time the challenge 2014 FIRST video. The air pass is therefore a mix of several sports that require the robot to make the most of possible tasks !

Indeed, It is also this what we think bet: A multitasking robot. Here is the long awaited video:

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